LakePharma is the First Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization to Install the Carterra LSA

LakePharma is the leading US-based biologics company specializing in antibody engineering, antibody discovery, molecular engineering, protein chemistry, bioexpression, biofunction, bioprocessing, and bioanalytics. LakePharma offers MicroBioManufacturing specialty manufacturing services. LakePharma focuses on integrated platforms to support projects throughout the drug discovery process. LakePharma offers dedicated client services and sophisticated software to provide real-time access to project data via a secure cloud-based portal.

LakePharma will use the LSA instrument to further expand and support its growing contract biotherapeutics discovery research business. The LSA is unique in that it provides mAb characterization throughput and functionality that matches the output from the state-of-the-art antibody expression platforms utilized by LakePharma. This enables all antibodies to be rapidly and comprehensively screened early in the discovery process so that unique epitopes and novel therapeutic candidates can be identified, thereby expanding and enhancing IP coverage. Integrating the LSA into its processes will increase the speed, data output and productivity of LakePharma’s biotherapeutics service offering, thereby delivering enhanced value to its customers.


Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI) is the First Research Institution to Purchase the Carterra LSA

IPI is a non-profit research organization whose mission is to foster innovation in protein research, train the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in protein science, forge new ties between academic and industry investigators, and bridge the missing link between genomics and therapeutics. IPI has built a high-throughput antibody discovery platform for developing open-source antibodies targeting the entire human extracellular proteome. This resource will produce critical tools, lead therapeutics, and technologies that empower academic and industry scientists, catalyze entrepreneurship, and accelerate drug discovery.

IPI will utilize the LSA instrument for rapid biophysical characterization of antibodies isolated from their synthetic yeast display library platform. IPI will also leverage the instrument’s unique capabilities to process antibodies against a wide panel of antigens to validate specificity and to select for species cross-reactivity. These are key metrics in generating open-source antibodies with broad usefulness to the scientific community engaged in basic research and drug discovery.