DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Screening Using HT-SPR

Confidently determine detailed kinetic profiles (ka & kd) and affinity (KD) for DNA-tagged fragments, compounds, and targeted protein degraders (TPDs). Gold standard SPR technology affords real-time, label-free binding in exquisite detail. By leveraging the one-on-many power of the LSA®, arrays of 384 DELs can be screened in parallel, with up to 1,152 in a single run.

  • Data Quality: Highly resolved and accurate kinetics
  • Speed: Characterize ≥ 5,700 compounds per week
  • Simplicity: No need to resynthesize off-DNA and no challenges with compound solubility
  • Flexibility: Potential to further increase throughout via combinatorial approaches
  • Versatility: Skip tedious post-synthesis purification steps


DNA-tagged fragments, compounds, and TPDs are arrayed as individual locations on a 384-spot array by oligonucleotide hybridization. Once binding kinetics against target and/or off-target are complete, the DNA-tagged species are easily denatured and removed from the surface, allowing for another 384 molecules to be attached and characterized.




Detailed kinetic profiles showing well behaved binders (white), complex binders (purple), and non-binders (gray). Model fit lines are shown in red.

Example of single DNA-tagged molecule characterized for kinetics at 4 different densities. The 384-spot capacity of the biosensor surface on the LSA allows for exploration of multiple conditions in a single run.