Contract Research

Interaction Lab

Carterra performs fee-for-service label-free interaction assays for academic, governmental, not-for-profit and industry clients out of our state-of-the-art Interaction Lab, Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Our Interaction Lab provides services for both current MX96/CFM users through protocol development and excess capacity support; as well as groups that do not currently have access to the technology for whom we can act as their mAb screening partner, leveraging our HT SPR platform, unique software and extensive expertise to rapidly advance a client’s biotherapeutic R&D.

Specific services offered include:

High-Throughout Epitope Binning/Mapping

First-Pass Kinetics™

Condition Scouting & Assay Development

  • Ability to analyze 384x384 interactions in an automated fashion using the lowest sample requirements of any biosensor platform
  • Advanced software platforms for rapid distillation of complex epitope data sets
  • Screening and ranking based on ka, kd and affinity for hundreds of samples
  • Minimal sample volume requirements
  • When used in conjunction with epitope binning, provides the most comprehensive view of binding profiles available
  • Rapid screening of buffer, coupling, capture, solubilization, and/or regeneration conditions for challenging systems
  • 30-fold gain in throughput over traditional SPR platforms

Why select Carterra’s Interaction Lab?

  • Highly experienced SPR scientists
  • Clear and detailed reports, delivering unique data perspectives
  • Dedicated project management to ensure rapid project completion
  • Minimal samples requirements – lower than any other system or service
  • Competitive pricing