The IBIS MX96 SPR Imager:
Up to ~150,000 interactions in a single run

The Instrument for Biomolecular Interaction Sensing MultipleX 96 (IBIS-MX96) is an array-based SPR imaging system for multiplex biomolecular interaction analysis.

The MX96 is optimized for monitoring up to 384 ligand spots on a sensor surface, which are deposited from flow with our CFM Printer. Using the MX96’s temperature controlled autosampler, analytes are injected in series across the chip, yielding up to 384 binding interactions for each injection. It is possible to perform unattended overnight or weekend runs, thereby generating up to 150,000 sensorgrams in a full run, including controls.

The MX96 utilizes a proprietary back-and-forth flow for sample injection, enabling long association times with only 100 µL of sample!

By combining the CFM with the MX96, standard biosensor protocols can be transferred from lower throughput machines to the higher-throughput array system. For applications where multiplexing is important the array can be extremely powerful, because sample consumption and instrument run times can scale rapidly on other platforms as the experiments grow in size. For example, the array enables pairwise competition of 384 mAbs – almost 150,000 individual binding interactions – using only 200 µL of each mAb and a single ~24 hour run. This would take  months on other platforms and many milliliters of each mAb, making such studies practically impossible with any other system.

Serial view of 96 binning injections, with 96 interactions per injection.