Run your label-free drug discovery project — screening, characterization, or developability assays — by leveraging Carterra’s gold-standard, high-throughput SPR platform.  You can contract your research project with Carterra and count on our outstanding Application Scientists to deliver results within days of receiving your samples.

Carterra’s Customer Experience Centers are now able to run your antibody discovery or small molecule assay projects in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Boston, Manchester, and Munich.

We will have three options for consideration based on the application and workflow you want:

  • PN 9130: Kinetics Screening and Analysis – providing ka, kd, and KD.
  • PN 9131: Epitope Binning and Analysis – providing network plots, communities, and bins.
  • PN 9132: General Analytical and Data Analysis Services – For many applications, including mAbs, nanobodies, FCRN, FCR, DELs, TPDs, kinases, cytokine, developability assays, and polyspecificity. Data Analysis Services by Carterra Scientists to analyze kinetics, affinity, and epitope binning data sets developed by customers.

Here’s how it works

Our Sales and Field Applications Science team will review the specifics of your project and collaborate with you on the best solution. A quote for the work will be provided with an expected start date.  Our process includes:

  • 1-hour pre-consultation for assay design with an Application Scientist.
  • 1-hour data review with an Application Scientist.
  • Detailed data analysis report.
  • Fast turnaround within weeks of sample receipt.


All prices scale with the scope of the project and are open to customization where needed. Additional charges may apply for expensive proteins or reagents, or where increased scientist time is requested.

  • PN 9130: Kinetics Screening and Analysis – Starting at $20K
  • PN 9131: Epitope Binning and Analysis – Starting at $25K
  • PN 9132: General Analytical Services – Starting at $20K

Note: Additional optimization or rerunning of experiments is available for a flat fee of 30% of original cost.

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