High Throughput mAb Characterization

Categorizing mAbs by kinetics and epitope is much more relevant than affinity ranking alone, as a mAb’s epitope is an innate property that cannot be rationally enhanced by engineering and ultimately relies on empirical selection.

Affinity, on the other hand, can be improved through rational design once the desired epitope is selected.

Identifying mAbs targeting unique epitopes is therefore highly desirable from a discovery perspective because they may offer mechanistically differentiated MOA’s and highly valuable IP opportunities. Epitope screening only a subset of a panel due to throughput limitations restricts epitope diversity, thereby negatively impacting the success of therapeutic drug discovery.

Carterra’s LSA High Throughput SPR instrument delivers the throughput and ease of use to enable high throughput epitope binning.

AI, ML and Synthetic Biology Tools

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Synthetic Biology Tools Carterra is partnering with industry leaders and developing high-throughput biology tools advancing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), synthetic biology, and mAb-silico workflows. The Carterra LSA offers first in class throughput and speed, minute sample usage, and the ability to analyze up to 150,000 interactions per assay.  […]

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KineticsTM Software

Kinetics Data Analysis Software The Kinetics application software from Carterra changes the paradigm, delivering high throughput kinetics screening capabilities. Key Benefits: High throughput: Screen and rank up to 1,152 mAbs Rapid data analysis: Large data sets can be rapidly fitted and visualized and then validated against several data quality parameters Detailed data mining: Interrogate mAb […]

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EpitopeTM Analysis Software for Protein:Protein Interactions

Key Benefits of Epitope Analysis Software The Epitope software was designed to process the massive data sets created by the HT SPR technology from Carterra, where 384 ligands can be tested against 384 analytes. Prior to the development of this software, the data analysis of even small epitope binning panels could be a time intensive […]

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Advanced SPR Platform for High Throughput Kinetics Screening

The LSA changes the paradigm, delivering flow-based kinetics for coupled (up to 384 in parallel) and capture (up to 1152 in a single run) formats, enabling rapid screening of mAb libraries for affinity, association and dissociation constants.

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Epitope Binning

Characterize and group (bin) up to 384×384 mAbs by the epitope binding regions generated against a specific antigen using the LSA’s simple to use classical and pre-mix methods to maintain epitope diversity and provide important information to broaden intellectual property protection.

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Rapidly determine the mAb concentration of up to 1152 clones in parallel to aid in production QC and subsequent screening and selection using the LSA Quant App.

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GPCR and Transmembrane Proteins

Benefits of HT-SPR when working with Transmembrane Proteins (TMs) TMs in solution avoid complications with immobilizing on the sensor surface Multiple formats can be used depending on application Detailed kinetics against thousands of drug candidates in a single experiment One-on-many fluidics require very low amounts of precious TM sample While a highly attractive target class […]

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Small Molecule Characterization

Proximity-Based Degraders – Reimagine characterization of TPDs, PROTAC®s, LYTACs, AUTACs, RIBOTACs, and molecular glues using HT-SPR to gain truly meaningful throughput and multiplexing capabilities. One-on-many fluidics reduce sample quantities, consumable costs, and hands on time. Characterize binary and ternary kinetics for hundreds of interactions in parallel. Develop broad and nuanced views of cooperativity in the context of selectivity for up to hundreds of molecules in parallel.

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Fc-Gamma Receptor Binding

HT-SPR eliminates the need for large quantities of samples and multiple days of experiments to characterize drug candidate FcγR binding. A rich panel of receptors from all relevant species in replicate, up to hundreds of discrete measures, can be kinetically defined against a drug candidate in less than a day. The number of drug candidates […]

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Antibody Epitope Mapping

Antibody epitope discovery at the amino acid level by immobilizing a panel of up to 384 biotinylated peptides with overlapping sequences and screening mAbs to ‘map’ and compare their binding.

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