Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Synthetic Biology Tools

Carterra is partnering with industry leaders and developing high-throughput biology tools advancing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), synthetic biology, and mAb-silico workflows. The Carterra LSA offers first in class throughput and speed, minute sample usage, and the ability to analyze up to 150,000 interactions per assay.  The LSA is the only platform that enables true AL/ML approaches to antibody design and characterization enabling scientists to speed up and optimize drug discovery workflows.


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Streamline your HT-Biology characterization process

Apply AI and ML to your High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (HT-SPR) data sets that are efficiently curated using partnered electronic lab notebook (ELN) and data management systems.

Key Benefits:

  • More effective screening and selection of top candidates by deep learning of the data
  • Better optimization of biotherapeutic candidates based on larger comparison of orthogonal characterization results
  • Reduction of scientists hands-on time with AI/ML doing the analysis
  • Curated results in one platform
  • Comprehensive platform of instrument and software that seamlessly integrates into AI/ML workflows

HT-Biology characterization process


“The Carterra LSA is the only instrument that can deliver high-resolution binding data at this level of throughput. The ability to collect data at such a high speed and volume has led the LSA to become an integral part of our machine learning-driven protein design platform.”

-Brett Blakeley, Senior Scientist, Generate Biomedicines

Data management

PerkinElmer Signals VitroVivo Software

In collaboration with PerkinElmer, use PerkinElmer SignalsVitroVivo (formerly Signals Screening) software v2.7 or later to integrate the Carterra LSA HT-SPR data for further integration and analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Single repository to organize and document all HT-SPR experimental data for better data management
  • Compare LSA HT-SPR results to data obtained by other orthogonal methods, such as high content screening, alternative biochemical and biophysical screening methods, and in vivo studies
  • Faster time to results with built-in intuitive data analysis and search tools
  • More effective assay development with protocol and modeling tools to make more educated prediction and selection of candidates
  • Comprehensive analytics through integration with TIBCO® Spotfire®

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