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Select the right HT-SPR platform for your application.




Purified or crude antibody kinetics/affinity
Purified or crude epitope binning
Peptide/Epitope mapping
Mutant mapping
General multiplexed binding
Blockade assays
DEL compounds
Membrane proteins
Peptides (analytes)
PROTACs/molecular glues
Kinase inhibitors
Protein:protein inhibition
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Sensor Chips & Solutions

Choose from ready-to-use and customizable chip chemistries

The right sensor chip is key to getting optimal assay performance. Fortunately, Carterra offers a broad range of chemistries to handle almost any assay imaginable.

  • Options include low, medium, and high capacities as well as distinct chemistries depending on the application.
  • Premade surfaces simplify assay setup and design for many standard applications further increasing ease of use.
  • Alternatively, customizable surfaces allow the attachment of unique molecules

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Kinetics Software

Rapidly analyze 1152 kinetic interactions simultaneously.

  • Carterra’s Kinetics software easily performs kinetic and steady state affinity analysis on thousands of interactions.
  • Automatic data flagging focuses attention on complex data requiring more investigation.
  • Advanced analysis features allow seamless display of trends and replicates.

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Epitope Software

Explore epitope diversity at an unprecedented level.

Carterra’s Epitope software takes epitope analysis to a whole new level.

  • With the ability to compare up to 150,000 interactions from a single experiment, there’s no excuse for not going big when it comes to epitope characterization.
  • Cutting edge network plots distill complex data sets into intuitive epitope relationships.

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AI, ML & In Silico Tools

Deliver the scale of data needed to develop and validate AI/ML models

The standard for modern drug discovery processes leveraging AI/ML. The scale of data generated enables a robust design and test strategy to build confidence in models.

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