HT-SPR eliminates the need for large quantities of samples and multiple days of experiments to characterize drug candidate FcγR binding. A rich panel of receptors from all relevant species in replicate, up to hundreds of discrete measures, can be kinetically defined against a drug candidate in less than a day. The number of drug candidates undergoing detailed FcγR binding characterization can be dramatically increased compared to traditional approaches.

  • Unmatched Throughput: Characterize binding against every available FcγR in one shot
  • Superb Data Quality: Gold standard binding kinetics and affinity
  • Reduced Assay Costs: Nearly 30-fold reduction in cost per measurement compared to traditional biosensor platforms

Case Study: Dragonfly Therapeutics

HT-SPR redefined characterization of FcγR binding for Dragonfly Therapeutics. Not only was data quality nearly indistinguishable from their current biosensor, but using the LSAXT they were able to complete a full characterization in less than a day which historically would take an entire week.

Figure 1. Virtually indistinguishable affinities measured on the LSAXT as compared to the Biacore 8K.

Figure 2. Significant reduction in resources required to perform FcγR characterization on the LSAXT as compared with the Biacore 8K.