Presentation at SLAS 2022 by: Noah T. Ditto, MS, MBA (Carterra) & Jennifer Carlstrom, PhD (Perkin Elmer)

Posted by Noah Ditto

Therapeutic discovery and development rely on numerous analytical techniques in order to best position candidate drugs for commercial success. Different analytical technologies are utilized for their respective strengths in maximizing understanding of candidate properties. Reliable FcRn binding assays are used in both discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies to predict the half-life in vivo. Here we show two orthogonal assays for measuring binding of antibodies to FcRn. The AlphaLISA FcRn binding assay is a robust high throughput no-wash immunoassay that was used to measure relative affinities of therapeutic antibodies to FcRn. We then describe the power of HT-SPR as an orthogonal approach to reinforce AlphaLISA potency findings. The real-time, multiplexed, and label-free nature of HT-SPR enables a diverse range of measures to be obtained from a relatively simple set of experiments. Collectively, these studies highlight how AlphaLISA and HT-SPR can be used in conjunction to facilitate a more thoughtful understanding of therapeutic candidate attributes.