Rizwan Chaudhrey of RSK Solutions interviews Carterra CCO Tim Germann and Principal Scientist Rebecca L. Rich, PhD about what they brought to SLAS 2023.

Poster FeaturedSelectivity and cooperativity of PROTAC®s using HT-SPR

Presenter: Rebecca Rich, PhD, Principal Scientist, Carterra

Abstract: The unique heterobifunctional nature of PROTAC®s necessitates expanding the toolbox of characterization techniques to enable efficient drug discovery. Multiple warhead and linker combinations must be tested against the target protein(s) and ligases. Highlighted here is a strategy to characterize both binary and ternary kinetics for PROTAC®s against a panel of E3 ligases, targets, and off-targets in parallel. Utilizing HT-SPR, a comprehensive assessment of both detailed binding selectivity and cooperativity can be obtained quickly using very small quantities of reagents.