Condition Scouting

Probe 96 Experimental Conditions in a Single Run

Each channel of the CFM can be a different solution, enabling up to 96 different experimental conditions to be probed in a single experiment.

Because the ligand deposition process is done using the CFM’s enclosed microchannels, each ligand spot can have a different concentration, buffer composition, pH, detergent mix, and so forth. Thus, 96 different conditions can be assayed in a single step, while the protein of interest is still active.

For biosensor work this could include the optimization of:

  • Buffer composition
  • Coupling conditions
  • Capture conditions
  • Solubilization detergents
  • Regeneration conditions

For example, in prior work studying GPCR solubilization conditions, we optimized the solubilization of CXCR5 in 2 hours by evaluating 96 different solubilization cocktails, while the same process would have up to a week on a standard SPR biosensor and 96 changes of the system running buffer.