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Accelerating Biotherapeutic Discovery With High Throughput SPR
Presenter: Yasmina Noubia Abdiche, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Carterra
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: 10:30 am – 11:00 am

  • High throughput SPR is enabling a paradigm shift in antibody screening
  • Obtain detailed binding kinetics and affinities on hundreds of antibodies in parallel, with minimal sample consumption
  • Explore the full epitope coverage of your antibody library by performing epitope binning assays on hundreds of antibodies in parallel
  • A 384 x 384 epitope binning assay is now a single unattended run, consuming only a few micrograms per antibody
  • Merging high throughput kinetic, affinity and epitope binning data with orthogonal data from other assays, such as cell-based function-blockade, provides a richly-informative data set that can guide library-to-leads triage

Accelerating the Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies Using High Throughput SPR
Presenter: Yasmina Noubia Abdiche, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Carterra

Throughput, speed, resolution, and sample consumption are typically key limiting- factors for detailed kinetic characterization early in antibody discovery campaigns. Here, we show that high throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) can be used to rapidly generate high quality kinetic data from 384 antibodies in parallel with minimal sample consumption. Additionally, epitope binning assays can be performed routinely on up to 384 antibodies per array, providing unprecedented throughput that allows for early assessment of your library’s epitope coverage with exquisite epitope discrimination, facilitating the identification of clones targeting unique epitopes. The ability to characterize binding kinetics, affinity, and epitope specificity on large antibody panels with minimal sample consumption at early stage research is highly advantageous in drug discovery because it helps to accelerate library-to-lead triage.

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