Array SPR has facilitated a paradigm shift in antibody screening, enabling higher information content assays to be conducted earlier in the research pipeline to streamline lead selection. This essentially combines screening and detailed characterization in the same step.

Throughput advances in label-free Array SPR are facilitating the analysis of large panels of antibodies by providing a deep insight into the epitope landscape of antibody campaigns, informing decision-making in the drug discovery process.


Jacob Glanville, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Distributed Bio spoke about how computational immunoengineering and high throughput kinetic screening can realize the dream of a one-week antibody discovery cycle.


Kathryn Ching, PhD, Senior Scientist at Ligand Pharmaceuticals spoke about the use of high throughput SPR to validate next generation OmniChickens™.


Raphael Levy, PhD, Director of Antibody Engineering at LakePharma spoke about the discovery and characterization of potent TIGIT-specific antibodies derived from very diverse phage display libraries.

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Yasmina Abdiche, PhD, our Chief Scientific Officer gave an overview of our high throughput mAb screening and characterization platform.


Jack Bevers, Senior Scientific Researcher at Genentech spoke about the implementation of high throughput SPR into antibody discovery and engineering workflows.

Carterra Seminar