There are over 5,000 human diseases that do not have a cure. This presents multiple opportunities and challenges for researchers all over the world who are developing new medicines to combat these diseases.

One such obstacle is throughput, as researchers try to screen and characterize large libraries of antibody candidates as quickly as possible during the early screening process for an efficacious therapeutic. A second challenge is being able to spot failed candidates earlier so as not to spend development dollars on candidates that will not prove to be suitable therapeutics. Time-to-market and the cost of life-saving medicines matter not only to biopharmaceutical companies but to the many millions of people who will use them. Carterra’s LSA platform addresses all these challenges enabling large and small companies to bring therapeutics to the market at a rapid pace.

Carterra is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology that helps researchers unearth novel therapeutic candidates faster. The LSA uses real-time High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (HT-SPR) technology, along with its industry-leading Kinetic and Epitope analysis and visualization software tools to create a system that allows throughput that is truly revolutionary. When compared to conventional platforms, this system offers up to 100 times the throughput in 10% of the time for results, while consuming just 1% of the sample.


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