IPA Acquires the Carterra LSA® Instrument to Enhance Antibody Discovery and Bolster Its AI Developments

Significant throughput of LSA to advance IPA’s diversity- and data-driven drug development and to enrich LENSai.   

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA), March 19, 2024 – IPA (IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD.) (the “Company” or “IPA”) (NASDAQ: IPA), an artificial intelligence-driven biotherapeutic research and technology company, today announced that it has acquired the LSA® instrument platform from Carterra®, a leading provider of high-throughput large and small molecule screening and characterization solutions. This instrument allows for high throughput surface plasmon resonance-based antibody characterizations, thereby significantly increasing the Company’s capacity in performing various label-free protein interaction analyses including best-in-class kinetics, epitope binning, quantitation, epitope mapping, and blocking/neutralization assays.

IPA remains committed to expanding its contract research organization (CRO) capabilities and leveraging technology to drive innovation and efficiency, particularly in AI-driven drug design. Carterra’s LSA instrument delivers significant throughput in short time frames requiring only small sample volumes. This fits well with the Company’s established high throughput capabilities and diversity- and data-driven drug discovery, delivering huge amounts of valuable data points at an early stage to advance the lead triaging process. The efficiency gain resulting from the acquisition will not only expedite the Company’s in vitro characterizations for clients and partners, but also rapidly fuel LENSai with valuable data sets to optimize models for next gen in silico drug discovery and development utilizing their proprietary HYFTs to aggregate and integrate biological data.

“The significance of our LENSai technology extends beyond just the creation of an advanced tool,” says IPA’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Jennifer Bath, PhD. “It represents a strategic move to capture the growing interest in and huge potential of AI-driven drug discovery and digital biology. Complementing our well-established high throughput antibody discovery, production, and screening capabilities, Carterra’s LSA gets us closer to making ours the fastest and most cost-effective drug discovery workflow.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to join with IPA in changing the way drugs are discovered,” said Tim Germann, Chief Commercial Officer at Carterra.  “The LSA has made the use of AI in antibody discovery a reality; nothing generates more data in as little time to train AI/ML engines.”


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