Conference dates: MARCH 21-22, 2022

Location: Novotel London West (London, UK)

Carterra Booth #23

Speaking session

Title: The transcendence of HT-SPR technology across discovery platforms and its impact on time-to-clinic

Speaker: Andrew Goodhead, PhD, Carterra

Date: Monday March 21, 2022

Time: 12:10 pm

Location: Room 1

Abstract: In biotherapeutic discovery, traditional hybridoma and phage approaches now both contend with and are complemented by NGS and synthetic strategies to meet candidate timelines measured in weeks rather than years. Despite substantial market pressures driving more sophisticated and differentiated approaches, there are stages in these workflows where turnkey solutions can be implemented to eliminate bottlenecks. In this talk HT-SPR technology will be highlighted as a tool in biotherapeutics discovery that is deployable in any workflow.

Poster session

Title: Improving the screening, selection and deep characterization of biotherapeutic molecules using high-throughput SPR

Abstract: Throughput, speed, resolution, and sample consumption are inevitable challenges scientists face when screening biomolecule libraries and working to the goals of discovering and identifying the best lead candidates. Educated selection will often require multiple tests and orthogonal testing confirmation to determine the top candidate. Here we demonstrate how the Carterra LSA, which performs high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPRTM) can rapidly generate high quality kinetic data from 384 candidates in parallel using a minimal amount of sample material. In addition, the LSA can perform epitope binning on up to 384 candidates per array to obtain unique epitope discrimination and characterization. The LSA is a high-throughput biology solution that enables scientists to characterize binding kinetics, affinity, and epitope specificity on large protein panels with minimal sample consumption, accelerating library-to-lead candidate selection and discovery.