• Antibody discovery in weeks versus years
  • Isolate, culture, and assay tens of thousands of single cells with the Beacon platform
  • Survey the epitope landscape of your antibody panel at the earliest stages of discovery with the Carterra LSA

PD-L1 is a key inhibitor of T cell activation that is often over-expressed in cancer to escape immune surveillance and promote tumor progression. Blocking antibodies against PD-L1 or its receptor, PD-1, have shown significant clinical benefit in some patients with PD-L1 expressing tumors. Hence, there is great interest in generating therapeutic antibodies against these targets to counteract the immune suppression mechanism that tumors rely on for survival.

Epitope binning studies on the Carterra LSA revealed that hybridoma antibodies covered more diverse epitope regions but potency in functional assays was weaker across all bins while B Cell Cloning antibodies were concentrated in fewer epitope bins that represented greater potency.

Our data show that plasma B cells secreting functional antibody candidates can be rapidly identified on the Beacon compared to several months for a hybridoma campaign and screening those antibodies for epitope specificity and affinity can be completed in just days on the Carterra LSA, thus substantially accelerating the antibody discovery process.

Presented by Shireen Khan, PhD, Senior Director of Biologics, ChemPartner