Olivia S. Shin1, Stephanie R. Monticelli, Christy K. Hjorth, Vladlena Hornet, Michael Doyle, Dafna Abelson, Ana I. Kuehne, Albert Wang, Russell R. Bakken, Akaash Mishra, Marissa Middlecamp, Elizabeth Champney, Lauran Stuart, Daniel P. Maurer, Jiannan Li, Jacob Berrigan, Jennifer Barajas, Stephen Balinandi, Julius J. Lutwama, Leslie Lobel, Larry Zeitlin, Laura M. Walker, John M. Dye, Kartik Chandran, Andrew S. Herbert, Noel T. Pauli1, Jason S. McLellan



Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus can cause lethal disease in humans yet there are no approved medical countermeasures. Viral glycoprotein GP38, unique to Nairoviridae, is a target of protective antibodies, but extensive mapping of the human antibody response to GP38 has not been previously performed. Here, we isolated 188 GP38-specific antibodies from human survivors of infection. Competition experiments showed that these antibodies bind across five distinct antigenic sites, encompassing eleven overlapping regions. Additionally, we reveal structures of GP38 bound with nine of these antibodies targeting different antigenic sites. Although GP38specific antibodies were non-neutralizing, several antibodies were found to have protection equal to or better than murine antibody 13G8 in two highly stringent rodent models of infection. Together, these data expand our understanding regarding this important viral protein and inform the development of broadly effective CCHFV antibody therapeutics.

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