24 Feb 2023

Nileena Velappan, Leslie Naranjo, Fortunato Ferrara, Madeline R. Bolding, Sara D’Angelo, Devin Close, Sarah C. Mozden, Camille B. Troup, Donna K. McCullough, Analyssa Gomez, Marijo Kedge, Andrew R. M. Bradbury


Antibodies are important reagents for research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Many examples of chimeric proteins combining the specific target recognition of antibodies with complementing functionalities such as fluorescence, toxicity or enzymatic activity have been described. However, antibodies selected solely on the basis of their binding specificities are not necessarily ideal candidates for the construction of chimeras. Here, we describe a high throughput method based on yeast display to directly select antibodies most suitable for conversion to fluorescent chimera. A library of scFv binders was converted to a fluorescent chimeric form, by cloning thermal green protein into the linker between VH and VL, and directly selecting for both binding and fluorescent functionality. This allowed us to directly identify antibodies functional in the single chain TGP format, that manifest higher protein expression, easier protein purification, and one-step binding assays.

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