Throughput, speed, resolution, and sample consumption are typically key limiting factors for detailed kinetic characterization early in monoclonal antibody (mAb) discovery campaigns. Here, we show that high throughput SPR can facilitate the generation of high quality kinetic data from a large panel of clones rapidly and with minimal sample consumption. In this example of a single day’s run, 384 independent kinetic measurements were made on an array comprised of 43 unique mAbs, each immobilized at 8-16 capacities, using a capture approach which does not require purified antibodies. This method required <1 μg per mAb and only 2 μg of the recombinant monomeric antigen. The array format provided well-described and highly reproducible kinetic measurements for clones spanning a 10,000-fold affinity range for their target antigen. These data clearly demonstrate the efficiency and quality of kinetic analysis that is possible using high throughput SPR.

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