Do you ever wonder if upstream product work to create a really clear value proposition actually pays off?  The short answer is, it does, but don’t take our word for it!  Tim Germann joins the podcast to share insights on the original and evolving value propositions for Carterra.  Here are details about our guest and the company he works with:

Tim is the Chief Commercial Officer at Carterra.  He has broad operational experience in general management as well as deep experience in sales and marketing.  In other words, he has been author to, or victim of, many product management functions.  He has experience in both the life sciences and healthcare/devices, all of which have had product portfolios that include software.  You can connect with him for questions about the episode at or email him at

Carterra is a privately-held biotech company in Salt Lake City that spun out of the University of Utah 15 years ago with a proprietary microfluidic technology.  It made incremental progress through grants and breadcrumbs for about a decade until being meaningfully funded for the first time by both Pfizer and a venture firm in 2016.  Since then, it has developed and sold novel technology for drug discovery worldwide.

Key discussion points:

  • The role of Product Managers in start up environments
  • Best Practices for “listening” to the market
  • Balancing roadmap priorities
  • Importance of keeping the team connected to the vision through clear value propositions

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