Massive Epitope Binning – Infinite Epitope Resolution

Have you ever seen 150,000 sensorgrams?

Watch this webinar on how to analyze larger and larger sets of competitive binding assays, or binning, using the GOLD STANDARD Epitope™ analysis software.

Complete your analysis of tens of thousands of interactions in minutes.

  • Our industry-leading Epitope™ software delivers a wealth of analytical tools to reveal the epitope diversity of large panels of antibodies.
  • Best practices in setting up competitive binning experiments
  • Identify unique epitopes
  • Discover mechanism of action
  • Build your IP portfolio
  • Combine binning and orthogonal data to help prioritize your research resources

This must-see webinar reviews key features in the Epitope software that accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery.

Noah T. Ditto
Technical Product Manager