Scientists at Carterra, Twist Bioscience, ChemPartner and Berkeley Lights discuss modern-day high-throughput antibody discovery technologies that facilitate a paradigm shift in antibody screening and characterization—now discover therapeutic candidates in days vs. months.

Tom Yuan from Twist Bioscience presents on research published recently in Antibody Therapeutics. You will learn about the rapid exploration of the epitope coverage of a large panel of antibodies to guide the discovery of therapeutic antibody cocktails and combat infectious diseases. Tom also discusses integrating Twist’s synthetic biology technology with Carterra’s HT-SPR™ and epitope binning to quickly characterize antibody candidates.

Shireen Khan from ChemPartner presents on how the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofluidic System and Carterra LSA® facilitate the rapid discovery of therapeutic antibodies to fight cancer. Shireen discusses how plasma B cells secreting functional antibody candidates can be rapidly identified on the Beacon system compared to several months for a hybridoma campaign. Screening those antibodies for epitope specificity and affinity can be completed in just days on the Carterra LSA, thus substantially accelerating the antibody discovery process.

After the presentations, Anupam Singhal, Senior Product Manager from Berkeley Lights and Noah Ditto, Technical Product Manager from Carterra join Tom and Shireen for a Q&A session and panel discussion.

Presented by:
Tom Yuan, PhD, Senior Scientist, Twist Bioscience
Shireen Khan, PhD, Senior Director of Biologics, ChemPartner