04 Jul 2023

Kan Li, Richard H.C. Huntwork, Gillian Q. Horn, S. Munir Alam, Georgia D. Tomaras, S. Moses Dennison


Label-free techniques including Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) are biophysical tools widely used to collect binding kinetics data of bimolecular interactions. To efficiently analyze SPR and BLI binding kinetics data, we have built a new high throughput analysis tool named the TitrationAnalysis. It can be used as a package in the Mathematica scripting environment and ultilize the non-linear curve-fitting module of Mathematica for its core function. This tool can fit the binding time course data and estimate association and dissociation rate constants (ka and kd respectively) for determining apparent dissociation constant (KD) values. The high throughput fitting process is automatic, requires minimal knowledge on Mathematica scripting and can be applied to data from multiple label-free platforms. We demonstrate that the TitrationAnalysis is optimal to analyze antibody-antigen binding data acquired on Biacore T200 (SPR), Carterra LSA (SPR imaging) and ForteBio Octet Red384 (BLI) platforms. The kakd and KD values derived using TitrationAnalysis very closely matched the results from the commercial analysis software provided specifically for these instruments. Additionally, the TitrationAnalysis tool generates user-directed customizable results output that can be readily used in downstream Data Quality Control associated with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice operations. With the versatility in source of data input source and options of analysis result output, the TitrationAnalysis high throughput analysis tool offers investigators a powerful alternative in biomolecular interaction characterization.

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