Eliminates Bottlenecks in mAb Drug Discovery with Carterra

Twist Biopharma’s approach to antibody discovery incorporates phage display to generate massive antibody libraries, and high-throughput surface plasmon resonance technology to accelerate screening.

The company employs synthetic DNA libraries against almost any antigen. Twist creates large antibody libraries, which are then screened with high-throughput SPR technology from Carterra to find candidate antibodies within weeks.

As the first HT-SPR protein analysis platform, Carterra’s automated LSA instrument fully integrates into mAb discovery workflows. The LSA combines microfluidics with HT-SPR detection to deliver up to a hundred times the data of conventional SPR systems in 10% of the time, a 1000-fold improvement in throughput. The system also requires just 1% of the sample input of traditional SPR-based methods, has low consumable costs, and eliminates ELISA’s requirements for multiple liquid- and plate-handling systems.

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