This is what the best looks like.

Carterra’s LSA is the fastest, most sensitive and flexible biosensor platform …ever.

  • Proprietary HT-SPR™ technology
  • The highest throughput for kinetics and epitope binning
    • 100x the data
    • 10% of the time to answer
    • 1% of the sample requirements of other platforms

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This is what high throughput kinetics looks like.

You can’t generate this much data any other way.  And if you’re wondering:

  • Screening and characterization in the same step — 384 full kinetic profiles in a day
  • 50x faster — Data quality is the same as your low throughput gold standard instrument
  • 1% of the sample you’ve been pouring into your current biosensor

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This is what a high-res epitope binning looks like.

If you’re not binning or just binning 10s of antibodies at a time, you’re not finding out much about your epitope.

  • Bin up to 384 × 384 antibodies (that’s about 150,000 sensorgrams if you’re wondering)
  • Discover the Mechanism of Action quickly and reduce failures in development and the clinic
  • Obtain Intellectual Property rights and lock down features that differentiate your antibody from your competitors

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La Jolla Institute for Immunology Acquires LSA Platform



La Jolla Institute for Immunology Acquires LSA Platform

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