Carterra LSA

Fully Integrated High Throughput mAb
Characterization Platform

Accelerate Your Antibody Characterization with Array SPR

Epitope Binning: BIN THE FRIDGE!™

Carterra is pleased to announce a label free, array-based SPR package that enables high throughput epitope binning of 384 antibodies directly from supernatant using less than 200 µL of each clone, overcoming the sample consumption, throughput limitations, and/or labeling restrictions of current methods. Carterra has developed a powerful integrated hardware and software platform that delivers the full potential of label-free, high throughput antibody binning, enabling you to … BIN THE FRIDGE!™

Kinetics: Screen it like you mean it!

Screen large panels of mAbs with ease by taking advantage of the power of SPR array imaging.  Using the proprietary Continuous Flow Microspotter technology, the LSA can immobilize up to 384 mAbs on the SPR array chip surface.  A large flow cell is then placed over the array with an automated positioning system and less than 200 µl injections of analyte can be used to interrogate the entire panel of immobilized mAbs.