Learn About SPR and Carterra’s LSA Platform

The Coronavirus Immunotherapy Consortium (CoVIC) uses high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR) and epitope binning to match diverse panels of potentially therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with viral variants. “Rapid assessment of binding kinetics to various coronavirus spike constructs and mutants helps us to understand the effects of coronavirus mutations against a broad spectrum of neutralizing antibodies,” says Dan Bedinger, Application Science Team Lead at Carterra.

HT-SPR embodied in the Carterra LSA platform has enabled the clustering of the mAbs into epitope bins, which have been validated by structure analysis using cryogenic electron microscopy at La Jolla.

“The ability to assign antibodies to established epitope classes allows rapid determination of the uniqueness among newly identified mAbs, and helps us predict which clones will show neutralization behaviors and sensitivities to mutations or deletions within the spike protein,” Bedinger adds. HT-SPR-enabled epitope binning also helps discovery teams identify which antibodies have the potential to be combined as potent, mutation-resistant combination mAb therapies.

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