New corporate name and system reflect the evolution of the Company into a premier provider of biotherapeutic characterization tools.

Salt Lake City, Utah. Wasatch Microfluidics, Inc. today announced a corporate name change to Carterra, Inc. The new name is based on two core concepts: Cartography (mapping) and terra(worlds); literally meaning “mapping worlds.” This represents the Company’s high-speed, high-resolution label-free biosensor technologies, which are being used by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to thoroughly explore their large monoclonal antibody (mAb) libraries to discover novel biotherapeutic candidates.

In parallel, Carterra announced the development of a new fully integrated, high throughput mAb characterization platform, based on its patented microfluidics technology, SPRi detection and industry leading software tools. The Carterra LSA, available in Q1 2018, builds on the Company’s proven expertise in these technologies and will provide its pharma and biotech customers with the ability to rapidly screen large mAb libraries for binding kinetics and identify high-value epitopically diverse candidates. The Carterra LSA utilizes minimal amounts of valuable mAb samples, which, when coupled with its high throughput capabilities and simple experimental setup, increases biotherapeutics discovery efficiency, while reducing costs. Because an antibody’s epitope is innate and cannot be engineered, the Carterra LSA fills a critical unmet need in charting unique antibody space for drug discovery researchers searching for new biotherapeutics.

  • Key applications of the Carterra LSA include:
  • 384 simultaneous label-free binding interactions;
  • 384×384 epitope binning and mapping studies;
  • Kinetic screening of 1000’s of mAbs;
  • High throughput mAb quantitation;
  • All in 10% of the time and using 1% of the materials and consumables of other systems.

Carterra’s CEO, Josh Eckman, said, ” We are excited to announce our corporate name change and the development of the Carterra LSA instrument. Our new name reflects the success customers have already achieved by incorporating our technology into their workflows. The Carterra LSA is a game-changing platform that will empower biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to explore new worlds in biotherapeutic drug discovery that were previously impossible to investigate. Researchers will no longer have to sacrifice speed for data quality, risking the loss of a promising candidate due to a low-resolution screening assay; or bias their selections by focusing on only a few mAbs. We enable high-resolution binding and epitopic information to be gathered on all candidates, so researchers can make well-informed decisions early in the drug discovery process where risks and costs can be significantly mitigated.”

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Mapping new worlds in biotherapeutics discovery
Carterra offers high throughput label-free analysis platforms for biomolecular interaction analysis. Founded in 2005 and based in Salt Lake City, UT, Carterra is developing the next generation of label-free biosensors for drug discovery and life science research.

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