• Overcome challenges such as assembly of the correct heterodimer
  • Fast kinetic screening of antibody panels with high throughput SPR
  • Survey the epitope landscape of your antibody panel at the earliest stages of discovery
  • Identify unique epitopes while retaining epitope diversity
  • Build your IP portfolio

Bispecific antibodies play an increasingly important role in the therapeutic antibody space today.

A major challenge in the field is the assembly of the correct heterodimer once two antibodies have been identified.  Ligand Pharmaceuticals has addressed this problem by engineering a chicken that expresses a common light chain, thereby conferring epitope specificity entirely on the expressed heavy chain. As a host animal for immunization, the chicken offers many advantages including the ability to recognize highly conserved targets that are poorly immunogenic in mammals.

Presented by Kathryn H. Ching, PhD, Research Investigator, Ligand Pharmaceuticals