Posted by Noah T. Ditto


The COVID-19 pandemic and global effort around vaccine development has heightened the focus on immunity resulting from both natural infection as well as vaccination. As a result, the need for more sophisticated techniques to characterize immunity are urgently needed to guide not only basic research but drive effective and efficient public health policy. Using serum from COVID-19 vaccinees, we demonstrate in this talk how the combination of Bio-Techne’s ACE-2 protein and large panels of high-quality Spike Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) variants in conjunction with multiplexed HT-SPR can maximize the data gleaned from serum samples. This assay design allows for straightforward interchanging of variants by use of a conserved capture approach, making it easily adapted to evolving research needs both within COVID-19 and beyond. Collectively, the assay enables a snapshot of several indicators of immunity totaling hundreds of data points from just microliters of serum and adds to the tools available for researchers to drive towards a more sophisticated understanding of immunity.


Anthony Person, PhD., Sr. Director of the Protein Business Unit, Bio-Techne

Anthony was trained as a Cell Biologist and his academic work at both the University of Arizona and the University of Minnesota focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of Wnt biology in the context of cardiac development and human genetic diseases. Anthony worked in the stem cell industry for multiple years developing methods for reprogramming somatic cells to pluripotency and transdifferentiation of cells from one cell type into another with mRNA overexpression approaches. Anthony has been in the biotech industry for over 14 years with experience running the Bioassay, Molecular, and Cell Biology portions of the Protein Business Unit at R&D Systems prior to taking over the entire department in 2018. He is focusing new product development on expanding R&D System’s portfolio of proteins for Immune-Oncology and Regenerative Medicine research applications. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Protein Business Unit at R&D Systems has prioritized the development of COVID-19-related protein products with over 200 recombinant proteins on market to supply the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry with critical tools to combat COVID-19.

Noah T. Ditto, Technical Product Manager, Carterra

Noah T. Ditto drives the development of transformative High Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (HT-SPR) hardware and software solutions as Technical Product Manager at Carterra. Prior to joining Carterra in 2014, Noah supported Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Development for nearly a decade at Bristol-Myers in Princeton, NJ with a focus on biophysical characterization of protein and peptide-based biomarkers, drug targets, and therapeutics. Noah earned an MS from Pennsylvania State University developing chromatography-based fractionation techniques to isolate disease-specific serum biomarkers in Dengue infection and more recently an MBA from West Chester University focusing on business analytics.