Delivering efficacious therapeutic candidates involves screening your entire panel to understand their kinetic and epitope profiles while understanding each candidate’s relationship relative to others. In combination with other data such as antibody sequences and epitope mapping, high throughput epitope binning and kinetic screens enable fast and optimized selection of antibody panels for mechanism of action (MOA) studies, while simultaneously providing a crucial evaluation of antibody generation technologies.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how modern-day high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR™) has facilitated a paradigm shift in antibody screening, enabling higher information content assays to be conducted earlier in the research pipeline to streamline lead selection. This new paradigm combines screening and detailed characterization in the same step, condensing months of work into days.

Zimple Matharu, PhD
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Noah Ditto
Senior Application Scientist