Carterra Joins the Tetra Partner Network to Advance Therapeutics Discovery

The Carterra LSA platform accelerates the identification of new antibody drug candidates

BOSTON, Mass., —July 13, 2022—/PRNewswire/—TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced today that Carterra, Inc., the world leader in label-free high throughput antibody screening and characterization, has joined the Tetra Partner Network (TPN) so that scientists can achieve greater velocity and scientific insights when analyzing the potential of antibodies as drug candidates.

“TPN is thrilled to welcome Carterra to the TPN, whose LSA instrument and software platform are creating a new standard in antibody discovery,” said Alan Millar, Ph.D., Vice President, TPN. “By connecting their world-leading solution with the Tetra Data Platform (TDP), together we can help customers accelerate scientific workflows and apply advanced analytics such as AI/ML to antibody design and characterization.”

Carterra’s flagship LSA high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) platform and software has been adopted widely by leading biopharmaceutical, academic, and government organizations. Eli Lilly developed Bamlanivimab, the world’s first COVID-19 therapeutic, on the LSA platform in a 90-day sprint.  The platform can screen and analyze an entire library of thousands of antibodies in one-tenth the time of conventional approaches.

With these capabilities, the LSA produces 100 times more data creating maximum resolution. By connecting LSA output to the Tetra Data Platform, the data can be engineered into Tetra Data, a universally adoptable data format that enables seamless workflows with ELNs and provides the foundation for AI/ML.

“We are delighted to partner with TetraScience to create additional value for our customers,” said Tim Germann, Chief Commercial Officer, Carterra. “With diverse and global users of our platform, we need to continue to provide an array of tools for researchers to make better decisions sooner in the drug discovery process and this alliance with TetraScience will help us accomplish that.”

“Biopharma R&D needs to unify and harmonize experimental data in the cloud in order to fully capitalize on the power of AI and data science,” said Patrick Grady, CEO of TetraScience. “In turn, AI and data science will uncover insights that will accelerate discovery and development of therapeutics that extend and enhance human life. Industry participants of all kinds – global pharmas, biotech startups, informatics providers, CROs, biopharma app companies, and more – recognize that this movement to the R&D Data Cloud must be driven by vendor-neutral and open partnerships that are deeply data-centric.”

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