Carterra: Accelerating The Discovery of Novel Therapeutic Candidates

The drug discovery realm has undergone a rapid shift in the past few years with the emergence of novel technologies. This has enabled researchers to introduce numerous life-saving drugs to treat critical medical conditions. However, despite these advancements, the quick discovery of novel therapeutic candidates remains a challenge for the industry. The main obstacle for drug discovery researchers is throughput as they screen and characterize large libraries of antibody candidates quickly for an efficacious therapeutic. Another challenge is the inability to identify failed candidates earlier. Consequently, companies spend significant development dollars on candidates that will not prove to be suitable therapeutics thereby prolonging the time-to-market and increasing the cost of life-saving medicines.

Carterra’s LSA platform is built to address all of these challenges, enabling large and small companies to bring therapeutics to the market at a rapid pace.

Carterra is a leading provider of innovative technologies designed to accelerate the discovery of novel therapeutic candidates. The company’s high throughput LSA instrument for monoclonal antibody (mAb) screening and characterization combines patented microfluidic technology with real-time High-Throughout Surface Plasmon Resonance (HT-SPR) and industry-leading Kinetic and Epitope analysis and visualization software. It has the capability to deliver up to 100 times the throughput in 10 percent of the time while using only one percent of the sample compared to existing platforms.

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